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Specializing in Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Production Software Since 1972

SPAR Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm in Annapolis, Maryland, USA specializing in computer applications for shipbuilding and ship repair. Since its organization in 1972, SPAR has become a leader in the field of production cost/schedule planning and control for the maritime industry.

SPAR employs a professional staff experienced in management information systems, on-line data processing and systems analysis. PERCEPTION software, the foundation for our innovative, cost-effective project management systems, is used successfully in many companies throughout the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

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Products of SPAR USA

SPARUSA offers extensive range of services and products that mainly cater to the ship building and repair industry.


The use of SPAR PERCEPTION Software

  • Cost effective 360 degree solution for total project management.

  • Totally customized for ship building/repair industry resulting in a plug in solution that needs very little time/effort for implementation.

  • Most effective tool for project monitoring and control in having the most advanced EVM tools that gives total visibility to all aspects of project progress including cost expended w.r.t budget, and likely date of completion.

  • A data base structure that gives cost data not only work order wise but also cost center wise resulting in most effective control.

  • SPAR’s PERCEPTION© has become the leading tool for planning, scheduling, managing and controlling the many elements involved in the production process of the costly, highly complex manufacturing of ships, yachts and other equally large projects.

    SPAR’s PERCEPTION system combines ERP & EVM to better plan, coordinate and manage the shipyard. Unlike other ERP and EVM systems, PERCEPTION was designed specifically for shipyards.

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    Services of SPAR USA

    SPAR Complements its Software With a Variety of Beneficial Support Services. A list of services offered by SPAR USA are listed below.

    Independent Cost Estimating Services

    Customized Software Development Services

    Earned Value Cost/Schedule Reporting Services

    Database Conversion Services

    Production Planning & Scheduling Services

    Systems Integration Services

    Data Analysis Services

    Management Consulting

    Training & Installation Services

    Software Maintenance & Upgrade Services

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